it should be said that; Pamukkale, formerly known as Akköy, is the largest district of Denizli in terms of population. It consists of 68 settlements. Hierapolis travertines, which are considered UNESCO World Heritage, are located in this district. This place is called the eighth wonder of the world. What gives it its white appearance is the thermal waters and the minerals these waters contain. This natural event has always attracted people and it is one of the most preferred sightseeing spots of our country, with guests coming to see this place, even from abroad. Since it has a white and soft appearance like cotton, it has been called as Pamuklu Kale since ancient times and its name was changed to Pamukkale. Turkey’s tourism brand is known as the face. Tourism enthusiasts visit this region to see this magnificent natural beauty and to take advantage of its healing properties as they know that thermal waters are good for diseases.