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Marmaris is a heavenly corner where you can see all shades of green and blue in twelve months of the year. The abundance of bays on the long coastline, being a natural harbor, being close to ancient cities, natural beauties, blue cruise facilities, modern marinas, allowing all kinds of water sports in the bay, from the five-star to the most modest pension, is a paradise town where all tourists can spend their holidays. Known for its fishing, sponge fishing and pelargonium until a while ago, Marmaris has become a major tourism center today.It is claimed that the first settlement in Marmaris, whose history goes back to 3400 BC, started with the arrival of a tribe whose president was named Kar. The name KARIA was given to the region later, meaning the country of Kar. The fertility of the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts has made the region always attractive.Thus, Marmaris has become a place where many civilizations have ruled over time. It is possible to see the traces of Karia, Rhodes and Island civilizations, Egypt, Asdur, Ionian, Doric, Persian, Macedonian, Syrian, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman civilizations in the region. Pyhskos is the first name of the city.

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